Sick. Ugh.

I spent the last two days nursing the Dude through his flu and right as he’s starting to get over it, the bug jumps to me. Typical. Now I’m carrying around Kleenex with aloe with me through the house, popping Halls and DayQuil like it’s candy and napping as much as possible. Just Skyped with my folks and of course the Mother Hen got all protective demanding I get into bed immediately.

Not a bad idea, actually.


So a dairy cow was confirmed to have Mad Cow Disease in central California. Suddenly the Evil Day Job got a whole lot more interesting…


Writing continues on the sequel but frankly isn’t as quick as I’d like thanks to this danged cold. I’m about 2,400 words into it so far and haven’t yet scratched the surface; this one will be quite a bit longer than the first, a fact I’m hoping my readers will appreciate. Unfortunately that also means it’ll take a little longer to write, edit and beta but at least the cover is done and continues to inspire me. (write up on that two posts back)


Misery is a sinus and inner ear headache at the same time (accompanied by a sore throat, stuffed up nose, chest congestion, bouts of nausea and, the pièce de résistance, laryngitis) so I’m going to take the Mother Hen’s advice and crawl into bed. Night folks, see you on the other side (hopefully a much less sick puppy).


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