Sickness sucks (and other procrastination excuses)

It’s been a while since I posted here, mainly because I’ve been 1) trying to get over bronchitis (still have a nasty cough), and 2) the interwebz have been down at the house until yesterday (keeping my fingers crossed it STAYS on this time). I’ve been keeping busy dosing myself with over-the-counter cough meds and sleeping so it’s been an incredibly fun last two weeks!! 😐

We did have some fun this weekend though, being in the lucky path of a solar eclipse. Dude took out the dark plastic bit from his welding helmet and we watched it directly. I did try to get some halfway decent shots but no luck, even with the dark shield I still only got glare. 😦 We did get a couple other interesting shots, I just need to load them on Photobucket.


After an unfortunate series of dismal writing days, I’m finally back in the chair and working on AHW3. I’ve been excited to get to this part since I first envisioned the series but for whatever reason, despite the fact it’s planned out, the writing process itself has been like pulling teeth. *sigh* Sometimes a story or section is like that and, while progress has been slower than I’d prefer, it HAS been steady so I’m thankful for that. I promise however that the minute I’m finished, you beautiful people will be the first to know!! πŸ™‚

Finally, I’d like to leave you with a video clip of Neil Gaiman (my authorial hero) giving a college commencement speech. Some of his words really hit home as an artist/writer myself so, as I know there are a few writers and artsy folk who frequent this humble blog, I thought I’d share the love.

(Hmm, can’t get this to embed so here’s the link: )


2 thoughts on “Sickness sucks (and other procrastination excuses)

  1. Sorry to hear you’re feeling poorly. I have a bad history of bronchitis myself. Keep taking deep breaths. You’ll get past it.

    As for the chunk of writing – if it is a part of a longer work then just mark your place with a little note that says – THE HERO HAS TO BATTLE WITH A THREE-HEADED GRIZZLY BEAR IN THIS CHAPTER – and then just step on over that bookmark and jump into the next section. Odds are things will start rolling for you and you’ll run to the finish and look back and then teleport yourself back to that bookmark – (writers can do that) – and kick the snot out of that three-headed grizzly bear.

    Just remember. Keep taking deep breaths. You’ll get past it.

    yours in storytelling,

    Steve Vernon

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