AHW5 cover reveal!

It’s done!!!! My hermitage, life of being a recluse working on edits, is officially over! The final copy has been sent to my editor for the AHW novel and part 5, and everything is on track for a September 25/November 27 release date (AHW5/AHW-novel respectively). 😀

Today is also another happy day because the final cover for the serial is here!! Heroes and Heartbreakers got the EXCLUSIVE cover reveal and I think it’s so pretty!!! I love where SMP has gone with the covers; they used the original models but everything matches so well now, they look like an honest-to-goodness series.

I’m also excited to announce there’ll be a small bonus story at the end of the book, a little backstory on one of the characters who will focus more prominently in the next part. (Yes folks, this story DOES continue!) Now to finally let my hair down and celebrate, as these edits have occupied my mind and life for long enough!! 😉

41 thoughts on “AHW5 cover reveal!

  1. Happy to finaly read chapter 5, sad about the series put into 1 book, because I’ve already bought all the chapters ….Is anyone who bought each chapter planning to buy the whole book?Can you elaborate the ” series will continue” part as in same world, different main character focus?

    • No, I’m not… Unless there’s a significant discount. Its been a great series though. So I’ll round it out w #5. I’m looking for the side stories in blog or series form.

  2. Can’t wait for part 5 and I’m buying the book too, lol just for the extra story at the end….. So glad this is going to continue I’m sure there will be many new surprises for the characters 🙂

  3. just checked on amazon and its not available to get yet will it be available any time today and im hoping if we want ti get the novel i think the ones that have bought the individual books should get a discount for the novel xx

  4. Bought and read………… OMG amazing!! Your not writing fast enough Sara when’s the next series planned for release …. can’t wait!!

  5. I see AHW has just become available on amazon.co.uk 🙂 Also note that a reviewer on amazon.com comments that part 5 is NOT the end of the series, saying

    ‘This was suppose to “end” this series. Now we are left again waiting for the next “book”. I’m thinking that Lucy and Jerimah’s relationship will never be resolved’ ……

    If this is the case I will be disappointed as it’s advertised as the final installment. Whilst I appreciate that for self publishing authors a ‘serial’ style publication may fit in best with external work commitments etc if the serial goes on too long I find the reader tends to feel a bit taken a loan of….Will be interested to see if this is the end or not….

    • Okay – read it now. Excellent writing as always. Characters, plot etc spot on. But come on – the ending, if that’s what it actually is. I mean seriously?!?

  6. Loved it! Got it right before Midnight here on the West Coast. After that story I do want to see what happens. But honestly after so much transpired in #5, I’m ok with a wait for the next full book. I think I need time to just bring down my heart rate. Great job Sara!

  7. I cant wait to get #5 and will defiantly get the full novel as well, but are you only releasing on Amazon? Cant find any of your books on All Romance Ebooks any more 😦

  8. Is there going to be a Book 6 or will the story be carried on in the release in November? If not, any idea on the next installment release date? Totally addicted now!

  9. Just read the fifth book in the Anything He Wants series. I am so happy to hear there will be other books. I am still picking my jaw up and eagerly wondering what will happen next.

  10. I sure hope this last book is no the final installment. As I was led to believe, and then to have an ending like that is a complete disappointment. If 5 is the final installment, I feel cheated, let alone a waste of my money!!!

    • Yeah I agree when the word final is used it implies the story is wrapped up. Nope now we have to wait for who knows how long to have proper closure to the story. For the money we have all spent I am annoyed about this.

  11. So not final and so not fair, bought all the books today , read them all today couldn’t wait for the final to find out it isn’t final. I do so hate waiting . Now a book with all of them together ,plus some really. This was a great read, so write more soon very soon and please but them all all all together, thank you

  12. Good day – earlier this year i read AHW 1-4. You left me panting for more….I was so disappointed to have to wait / wonder what was next. Imagine my pleasant surprise over the holidays to find 5!!! Glorious 5!!!
    I found you here today as i am looking and wanting more!! So please please please … lets have more!! Thank you for the romance, passion, escape and added excitement of the AHW story…pls help me and others find the supplemental addition you are referring to. I bought all my AHW online with my Kindle/Amazon and cant see the extra story you referred to at then end of 5 ( did i mention how GLORIOUS 5 is….!!!!). Please share other work we can read until you release 6 or other authors/novels you have enjoyed yourself that you would recommend (if that is a faux-pa, pls accept my apologies). Kind Regards, Wendy

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