Mark your calendars!

I was going to post this yesterday, but didn’t want to get anyone confused about April Fools.

“Anything He Wants: Castaway (#2)” will be released on Monday, April 15. I’m still holding out hope that I can get the story out earlier, and believe me if that’s the case I’ll be SURE to announce it everywhere I can!!

And just because I’m still on cloud nine over making this week’s USA Today list, I’ve decided to reveal the next cover! Let me know what you think, but I’m in LOOOOOOOOVE!!!!!! 😀 😀 😀
(click the image to make it bigger)



72 thoughts on “Mark your calendars!

  1. Bouncing up and down with great excitement that the next one is so close! I hate being left hanging but LOVE this series SO much!!

    Thanks Sara and I LOVE this cover and congrats on USA Today! 😀


    • HEE, you’re too cute!!!!! **HUGS** Thanks so much, and you know about me and cliffhangers! 😉 Hope you enjoy this next part, this story has been SO MUCH FUN to write!!! 😀 😀

    • The novel “Anything He Wants: Dominated by the Billionaire” was originally released as an online serial before it was published all together in paperback. The sequel, “Anything He Wants: Castaway” is having a similar release schedule; I’m releasing each section (for a total of 5) as an ebook first, then once it’s done being written compiling it into a paperback/ebook novel. If you prefer to wait for the final story I’m all for that, I understand serials aren’t for everyone and want to be sure people know of all the options. 😉

  2. I just finished Castaway #1 Looking forward to the next one on April 15.So is there more to come in this series. I really don’t want to see it end for a long time. 🙂

  3. Yay! Can’t hardly wait, but I’m still wondering when and if the serials wil be available on the google store. Luv the cover, btw.

  4. Will you be making these ebooks into an actual book like you did with AHW? I loved that book and left me wanting more. I don’t have an ebook, yet. But I’m also not the kind of girl to download something like this for free to read either. So I’m really hoping that you’ll be publishing Castaway into paperback form. I would so be at B&N buying it up.

  5. I love all of your books and I’m so excited for this one to come out! LOVE the cover and the title! Your an amazing author!

  6. Absolutely LOVE the cover!! I’m marking the date on my calendar and congrats for the success you had with the last release.

  7. A good thing happening on Tax Day!:-) love it Sara!AHW got me hooked on this genre and now I can’t stop reading! Congrats – you deserve it!!!

  8. love the new cover, can’t wait for the next book, can’t wait for the happily ever after for Jeremiah and Lucy hopefully.

  9. I am new to your book and would like to tell you how much I enjoyed listening to it. I read the 1st castaways part 6 and am eagerly waiting for part 7.

  10. Just started reading this book and i love it to death!!! How old is Jeremiah and Lucas btw? i just know Lucas is the older brother. just curious, cos i love this characters,

  11. Is “Anything He Wants: Castaway” the ending to “Anything He Wants”? I loveed “Anyting He Wants”!!

  12. Äntligen! (finally) 🙂 i hope it comes avalible as soon as possible,have to continue this romantic/sexy adventure. Loved your book…regards from Sweden

  13. Ahh I just finished anything he wants, and im calling barnes and nobles to reserve castaway, tomorrow!! I picked your book up today (though I was warry, seeing as fifty shades was a snoozer) I absolutely loved it and finished it in one day! I love your writing style and I love that the plot kept my heart racing, especially towards the end. Very well balanced between romance/desire and action. Absolutely love, &can’t wait for castaway! &way better then fifty shades. Bravo!

  14. At first sight the girl in the cover looks a lot like Drew Barrymore, or is it just me. But i love it! can’t wait!

    • Something I have been wondering about as well. Lucy is 24 yrs old and from the snippet “My Brothers Keeper” we learn there is a 3 year age difference between the brothers…I too would like to know how old they are…

  15. When will the full novel of Castaway be out? I just finished Anything He Wants last night and am so impatient and can’t wait! Such an amazing story!

  16. okay I gave in and read book 7 and now I can’t wait for book 8, it’s time to turn this love story around, these two love one another, but we all knew this was going to have to happen, and so glad it did! so there won’t be anything standing in the way of there happiness in the end. I am team Lucy and Jeremiah all the way. and frankly we all started reading this book because of there incredible love story, to bad he didn’t tell her he loved her along time ago. I like Lucas to, however Jeremiah is the MAN for LUCY. there’s love there, and there isn’t with Lucas. she has already said it was a mistake. Go get him Lucy.

  17. when is Part 8 coming out? sooner rather then later! PLEASE!!!!!!!!!! so love that you are getting this out so quickly, can’t wait for it to be completed.

  18. @Susan – i back u on Castaway#2… been rooting for Jeremiah all the way!..i nearly fell of my chair by the last line of this book.. like..’how in the world did he find out so quickly’..but i do agree with you.. plse turn this around..back to Lucy & Jeremiah…

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