Figuring out what the future holds

The closer I get to finishing the Castaway story, the more I start to think about what the future holds. I have, like most writers, a million-billion ideas in my head, and it’s tough to figure out which one to work on next. There are some projects already in the works that I’ll be announcing soon, but I’d really REALLY love some guidance over what the readers want next! I’m happy to say that there will be one more short installment of AHW coming out later this fall (just a short story continuing with my two favorite characters), but I’m curious what you the reader want.

Thoughts? Questions? I guess it’s hard when Castaway 4 isn’t out yet to make any predictions, but I’d love your input. πŸ˜‰

36 thoughts on “Figuring out what the future holds

  1. Absolutely! I would love any continuation to their a story. Wedding, marriage, children and of course the ever dubious family. There is also business dangers when dealing at the magnitude their holdings go. Yes, I’m addicted! Lol I would always love more!!

    • I agree. I want to know what happens now that they are moving on and I also would love at least a little more on Lucas and hope he get a HEA maybe with Anderson?? πŸ™‚

  2. Absolutely continue with Jeremiah and Lucy together! The have been brought so much, time for some true love, peace and happiness!

  3. BILLIONAIRES!! Write more of those! But at least make sure the character is different from Lucy as far as their past goes and what not.

  4. Hi I don’t mind what u write I love your work may be something to do with Lucas and bring Lucy and Jeremiah into every now and then plus the billionaire erotica sounds good 2

  5. I’d love to see a story about lucas…how he came to be and a love story for him (assuming Jeremiah and Lucy have their happy ending…Please!)

  6. I’d love to see a story about Lucas…how he came to be and a love story for him (assuming Jeremiah and Lucy have their happy ending…please) .

  7. I love your stories. Do Jeremiah and Lucy end up together? Who does Lucas get? What about the mystery brother? Can’t wait for Castaway 4!

  8. I don’t care what you write either… Just need more great love stories! Can never have too many of them! I kind of find the billionaire concept dubious though… I mean how many hot billionaires could there be!? Look at the Forbes’ world rankings and there aren’t that many (if any). Multi-millionaires would be more believable… But I digress…

  9. i’m sorry but that “I don’t care what you write” comment is annoying me, well because i have one specific story in my mind that i want to read and that is LUCAS’ story, i mean COME ON!,,, i can’t let go of AHW yet, and i want closure with Lucas, I want him to have his own HEA and after Sara finishes with Lucas’ story then that’s when she can proceed on whatever story she want to write, πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚

  10. I agree with the others, write a book(s) about Lucas. He deserves redemption and his own love story and HEA..maybe he was or will work with some organization ie: Interpol, FBI, CIA….Remi and Lucy can be brought into the story a bit, but just a bit. I really liked Lucas’s employees on the ship…the captain(who I saw as a father figure to Lucas) and his first mate…

  11. I think your going to have to do a continuation of Lucy and Jeremiah’s story, to bring closure and to have a respectful HEA, but I agree Lucas needs to get his HEA to, just not with LUCY, someone else.i love this series, and would continue buying the series if you keep writing them

  12. Not to be redundant, but I would also like to see Lucas get his HEA. You are definitely one of my favs! Can’t wait for #4 πŸ™‚

  13. Would love to hear Lucas’s story too and I loved the Fling anthology you were involved in and thought something like that again with interlinking stories but all written by you?

  14. I would love a story about Lucas finding his true love and patching things up with his family and get back into the family business. But he can’t get away so easily and the gun runners pull in him for one last job and where he finds his true love. But she is involved deep with the gun runners and he needs to help her escape but it isn’t that easy. He needs Jeremiah’s military background help and the two brothers become closer. In the end Lucas and Jeremiah are closer, Lucas has his girl and he gets his HEA.

  15. Sara,

    I love the way you write you are a phenomenal writer. Your characterzs are well developed and your writing style is amazing as well. I would love to read a new series of characters if you wrote about another billionaire. Just throwing around some ideas but a continuance of Lucas story and his views, even a book about the way him and Jeremiahs childhood from the beginning until now would be a great read as well. Maybe a better understanding of their fallout with their father I know you went into some detail about that before just some of my thoughts I hope we’ve helped.

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  17. Jeremiah and Lucy’s story must continue!!!! I want to see them try a normal life in the city!!! MARRIAGE and CHILDREN in the 10th novel!!!! PLEASE I’m ADDICTED to JEREMIAH!!! Don’t stop writing this is what gets me and my best friend through college!!!!!!

  18. I feel like you should try to hold on to the story as much as possible and it will allow. Just like you say “50 shades hotter” well, keep it going and make it go further than 50 shades… Make America fall in love with your series and see how far it can take you (Lifetime mini series, ;P)

    I love the story of Jeremiah, Lucas and Lucy… Keep em coming, don’t end em if you don’t have to.
    Good Luck and definitely much support on what you do next… πŸ˜‰

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  21. Omg Sara don’t leave us hanging you need to continue … Need more …please😰 don’t stop need to know what happens to Lucas,, does Jeremiah finally marry Lucy. Does Lucy finally tell Georgia off.. Bitch slap her … Please don’t stop.. We need you to continue.

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