Putting the *ugh* in “rough”

Greetings from the pits of deadline hell! It’s funny, every book is a different experience. I wish I had a formula or “cheat” for writing each book, but alas, each one is different.

Take, for example, the first “Anything He Wants” novel. It was released in serials online, each ranging from 8k-20k words, and was fairly easy to write (despite the sudden popularity, which was stressful for an introvert like me). I had a similarly nice and easy path with “Castaway” – there was a rough patch in the middle where I doubted myself and developed a mad case of burnout that lasted three months – but for the most part the story flowed.

And yet we get to my current work, and suddenly I’m realizing the UGH in “rough draft”. I’ve been writing for as long as I can remember, and I don’t remember a book that’s harder to finish, one that just won’t cooperate. Some books, however, don’t truly come alive until the editing phase. The key is to FINISH, to get to The End, and then you can go make it pretty.

…is it masochistic of me to say I’m eager to dive into this one? 😉


The gorgeous ladies of S&M Book Obsessions have revealed the cover for the “Unraveled” anthology and it’s SO PRETTY!! My submission to the book is kind of an epilogue to “Castaway”, one last part to the “Anything He Wants” series. Does this mean I don’t intend to continue it? Well, I can’t say that because there are still ideas swirling around my head on how to continue the story, but it does give some closure to a few bits (as evidenced by the Snippet Saturday post I did a week ago). 🙂 Lots more things coming in the future, but for now I’m wrapped up in deadlines, which means I’m stressed, which means I tend to go all ultra-mega-introverted and forget that, hey, there’s a larger world out there!

So if I seem to be ignoring you, PRETTY please don’t take it personally! *hugs*


2 thoughts on “Putting the *ugh* in “rough”

  1. 12/5/16 Wow! I am a new fan to “Anything He Wants” Yes! Have you ever thought about making animated videos from your book? Not “films” with big budgets, but Hentai 3D Anime which now has almost lifelike graphic capability for better “erotic” depictions? You could be a first on the internet with pay-per-view subscriptions on your own Sara Website. This has never been done before todate ,But it’s an idea whose time has come!

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