AHW5 release date

This morning, another writer friend poked me hard that I announced the release date of AHW5 everywhere except on my blog. EEP!!!

SO. I do indeed have a date from St. Martin’s Press on when they’ll be releasing the final part of this story and… *drum roll please*

September 25!!!!

The AHW novel is also set to release November 27 and will have more polish and backstory, but is essentially the same. As soon as I see the pre-order page for AHW5 I’ll announce that as well.

My apologies for being so quiet lately, I’ve been working on edits for part 5 and the novelization and can’t wait to get both out to you!!! 😀 😀


Official announcement for AHW release (squee!!)

The cat is officially out of the bag and I can FINALLY spill the beans on something too exciting to be kept secret:

St. Martin’s Press will be releasing the compiled/book version of the series “ANYTHING HE WANTS”.

(trying not to bounce too wildly here, but OH it’s hard!)

From the official press release (OMG I HAVE A PRESS RELEASE!):


St. Martin’s Press announced today that it has secured worldwide print and eBook rights to ANYTHING HE WANTS by Sara Fawkes, an eBook erotica phenomenon and USA Today Bestseller.

Fawkes self-published the first four installments of the serialized eBook between May and July 2012, and in just three months, sold hundreds of thousands of copies and hit the USA Today bestseller list.  Fawkes ignited readers’ imaginations with her unique combination of adrenaline-soaked action and torrid eroticism set in a world of glittering luxury.  ANYTHING HE WANTS is the story of an office temp who is seduced by the billionaire CEO of her company, drawing her into a deadly game of corporate espionage.
St. Martins plans to release the fifth and final installment of the e-serial novel in September 2012, with the five volume print book to follow.

😀 😀 😀 😀 😀