Happy shiny things!

Less than one week to the Romance Writers of America convention, and the stressing is very well underway! *eeek*

Many things were promised this week and it’s time to deliver! Remember that little contest we were having for a signed FLING paperback and gift certificate? Well, I got a nice surprise in the mail this week:


So guess what? MORE WINNERS!!! Only one person will get the $25 Amazon gift certificate but I will now be sending out 10 more paperback books to ten lucky winners. Continue reading


Contest winners!

photo credit: crsan – christianholmer.com via photopin cc

I had a wonderful time in Canada visiting my sister and nephew (who holds the title of World’s Cutest and nobody can convince me otherwise! *g*), and now it’s time to announce the winners!!

First off, a special thanks to the Dude and my bestie Erin who used their Interwebz-Fu and helped me compile the final spreadsheet – I’d be lost without them! I want to thank EVERYONE who helped me get the word out for this contest, you are the BEST readers a girl could ask for and I appreciate everything you do and continue doing to help me!!

I’ve also decided to extend the number of winners for signed copies to a total of 5, including the grand prize of the ARC. I’d give ALL the people who helped me a copy if I had enough!!!

Okay, the winners are (drumroll please):

Grand Prize of 1 signed ARC: Katie Rose (@_katierose1107)

Signed Copies of the AHW novel:
Zoey Derrick (@ZoeyDerrick)
Sandy Lion (Facebook)
Adriana Santiago (@AndriiiSantiii)
Bellisimo (@starslite13)

I’ll be contacting the winners about addresses later today. Congratulations!!