Snippet Saturday: BREATHE INTO ME – New Adult Romance – Chapter 1

I’ve been a fan of what used to be called “Upper YA/Young Adult” for a very long time. When the New Adult genre first emerged, I was all over that puppy, sucking down everything I could get my hands on. Tamara Webster, Colleen Hoover, Jamie McGuire – I ate those books up like nobody’s business.

As a writer, it was only a matter of time before I wrote one myself, and on this Tuesday that story will be published.

I’m SO EXCITED about this release!! I fell in love with Everett and Lacey almost immediately; I wrote the first quarter of the book in record time, even for me. This is a full novel, not a serial like most of my publications. I can’t wait to share it with you, it’s been such a wild and fantastic ride!

But, I’m sure you didn’t come here to hear me wax poetic on writing. “On with the snippets” I’m sure you’re chanting. 😀 Well, that’s fine by me, how about the full first chapter of BREATHE INTO ME? Continue reading


Snippet Sunday AND cover reveals!

First off, a big thank-you to everybody who voted in the poll I put out on Friday. Some perhaps not-so-surprising results, lots of interesting comments, and food for thought on which direction I should go next with writing! I appreciate every response so far. 😀

Why am I doing a Snippet Sunday instead of Saturday? Well, I was waiting for a few things to come into my email Inbox, and they finally arrived not too long ago!

Yesterday (or rather, very early Saturday morning), I finally finished the rough draft for Castaway 4. The next week is the big push towards publication, and I’m trying to do as much as I can to make this a memorable occasion (although shh, don’t tell anyone, but there’s at least one more installment slated for this year!). One of my goals is something completely new to me. Nearly all the books I read nowadays are ebooks; it’s very rare that I pick up a paperback anymore. That isn’t to say I don’t love print books, in fact if I love a book enough I’ll deliberately find the paperback (or hardbound) version just to keep it on my shelf!

And when it has your name on the cover? Priceless.

So you can imagine my joy when the Cover Artist Of Awesome finally sent these babies into my inbox tonight. They make me squee SO BIG!! More information will come as I work on finishing touches but, yup, the individual serials are going to be out in paperback for a limited time. I don’t know about you, but I’m DYING to hold these pretty puppies in my hand!!!
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Saturday Snippet!!

Hello my beautiful peeps!! I’m in the final phases of Romantic Times Reader’s Convention and it’s been a zoo, but a FUN zoo!! Today was my first signing and it was incredible to meet readers and others who knew my stories! This was a whole new experience for me, as was getting my picture taken (notoriously camera shy!!), but I had a lovely time. That said, I’m very much looking forward to writing again, this business is not conducive to word counts!!

I’ve been debating what to post for this week’s snippet. I love this part but worried it was a spoiler, or that I was giving away too much by posting the whole bit. Then I thought: well heck, that’s PERFECT for a snippet right?! 😉


“My brother doesn’t deserve you.”

Lucas had completely ditched the British accent and false joviality. He sounded angry, and I glanced at him briefly. In my heart, I didn’t believe his words. Beneath the fake beard I saw the bruising and puffiness from his fight with Jeremiah. It hurt me to know I’d been the cause of more pain, and I looked back down at my hands.

“I’m sorry I caused this.”

I shook my head. “It wasn’t was your fault. I made all the decisions that brought me here.” I lifted one shoulder in a tired shrug. The sadness was creeping back, making me long for the numbness I’d felt before.

“No.” My response seemed to fire him up because he squirmed in his seat before looking at me again. His eyes darkened as he leaned into me. “You deserve so much better than this, better than anything our fucked up family can give you.”

“Oh Lucas.” The self-recrimination in his words touched off something inside me. I brought my hands up to his face and turned his head so we were eye to eye. I stroked the bruised sliver of exposed skin on his cheek, the false beard prickly against my thumb. “Somebody once told me we all have choices, even if they aren’t good ones. You’re worth so much more than this life you lead right now.”

The muscles beneath my palm clenched, and the sudden yearning in his eyes nearly undid me. “Let me stay with you,” he rasped, covering my hand with his own. “I’m a better man around you. I need…”

He trailed off as I shook my head sadly. “You’re already a better man, Lucas.” But I was done with the Hamilton family. I couldn’t bring myself to tell him that, not now, but it was the truth. There was too much pain and history now to ever allow for a normal life if I chose to stay with either brother.

A woman’s voice echoed over the PA system, announcing my boarding for my flight. His fingers dug into the back of my hands as if to hold me in place, prevent me from leaving, then finally then slid down my arms and to his lap. I leaned forward and kiss his cheek. “I can’t be your absolution,” I whispered against his skin, wishing that there were some way to change that.

New Snippet Saturday!

Well, whadya know, I’m actually posting a snippet on time again! 😉 Any Facebookers (and Tweeters who followed my link earlier this week) have probably already seen this bit, but if you missed it here’s a bit of the angst/drama of “Castaway 3”:


Behind me, I heard my name called again and cringed away, desperate for escape. Then I was pulled away from the doorway by Lucas as he stepped in front of me. “You son of a bitch.”

At the same time he said that, I heard the solid smack of flesh and bone meeting, and around Lucas’ lean frame saw Jeremiah stagger back. My hands flew to my mouth in shock as Lucas advanced on his brother. “Anya wasn’t enough for you,” the gunrunner snarled, delivering another blow to the side of Jeremiah’s head. “You had to ruin another…”

Jeremiah surged up to his feet, and Lucas flipped backwards, landing hard on his back against the tile entryway. The large man stood facing me, but all his attention was on his brother. “You’ve taken everything from me,” Jeremiah said in a low, tight voice, aiming a kick at his brother.

“I’ve taken everything?” Lucas absorbed the blow and grabbed his brother’s lower leg, twisting and pulling sideways. “You ruined my life, you ruin everything you touch! You’re no better than Rufus.” The blows he delivered to Jeremiah’s face before being shoved away accentuated Lucas’ words.

Both men scrabbled at one another as I stood in the hallway, watching in horror. I couldn’t move, rooted to the spot, as the two men grappled. Jeremiah managed to put his brother into a choke hold from behind, but Lucas, still on his knees, brought his larger brother over and sideways. The small entryway table rattled as Jeremiah hit it, sending the decorative glass plates falling sideways to shatter on the tile.

Gasping, I backpedaled into the hallway as the two men surged out of the room. They were locked together, slamming against the far wall and falling sideways to the floor. From beside me I heard a woman cry out in surprise, but I was too riveted by the scene to look. The brothers were muttering, low enough that I could only make out brief curses.

I thought Jeremiah would be able to take his brother down easily, but Lucas held his own and put up a hell of a fight. All the rage and pain from their shared pasts seemed focused in this one struggle. The two men grappled at one another as they rolled around on the ground, throwing punches and the occasional knee. They fought like little boys, not grown men; training was thrown out the window, all that was left was the anger.

“You turned Anya against me, now you take Lucy…”

“Anya never betrayed you, you stupid son of a bitch.”

There was a pause in the struggling that Lucas took advantage off. He delivered several blows to Jeremiah before a fist sent the gunrunner tumbling sideways. Jeremiah rolled to his knees. “You’re lying.”

Lucas wiped the blood from his torn lip. “Sure, I approached her to spy for me, but she turned me down flat. So I got my information from elsewhere, toyed with your plans, and what did you do?” He lashed out, kicking his brother in the ribs. “Threw her out, did everything you could to discredit and wreck her life. I picked up the pieces because what happened was also my fault, but I’ll be goddamned if I let you do it again!” He spat blood on the floor between them. “Father would be so proud of you.”

Snippet Sunday

Well, this weekend has been…interesting. And not in the nice way. But it’s almost over, and I’m horribly overdue for some snippets, for which I apologize.

Since I was late this week, I’ve decided to add a few snippets extra. You deserve something more for having to wait, after all. 😉


“I’m ready to go home.”

Amyrah nodded. “We’ll be back at the hotel in a couple hours.”

The hotel wasn’t the home I’d meant. I wanted, more than anything, to go back to who I was before, back to the life I’d lived before I even heard of Jeremiah Hamilton. My existence may not have been easy then, but the simplicity and straightforwardness of my situation had been easier to bear.

Now, I felt as trapped as I had when Jeremiah had offered me that contract.

“Is everything okay?”

Shaking my head, I gave Amyrah a small smile. “I’m just tired.” I followed her into the vehicle, wondering what adventures lay ahead of me now.

And finding that I couldn’t bring myself to care.


“Did I ever have a chance with you?”

I closed my eyes briefly, unsure how to respond. As much as I wanted to forget, or rather go back and change, my choice to turn to him for comfort, it had happened. Lucas had, whether I wanted to admit it or not, given me the comfort and safety I’d needed. He deserved an answer, but I couldn’t begin to process the question, not now. Not here.


(snippet from the bonus story)
“Do you know what she said to me in the car?” he said after a minute. “That you’d broken her heart. I believe she also said you called her emotions “platitudes”, which didn’t seem to go over well.”

The conversation was obviously not what Jeremiah wanted to talk about. “She signed a contract,” he said before biting off his words.

“You made her sign a contract?” This was news to Lucas, and touched off a fire inside him. “What did it say, that you got to do whatever you wanted?”

Jeremiah said nothing, but Lucas had spent years reading his baby brother. The truth was written all over his silence. “My god, you turned that poor girl into your whore.”

“Don’t you call her that,” Jeremiah roared, and managed to wrench one arm free. He lunged at Lucas, only to be brought up short by the second man’s grip. Then Kolya appeared between the two brothers, wrestling Jeremiah back into submission.

Lucas stood there, shaking in rage. His hands curled into fists as he stared down at his little brother. “You make me sick,” he spat. The urge to beat the man before him was overwhelming. Remembering everything Lucy had told him, her reaction when Jeremiah had appeared, their kiss. Lucas had seen the love in the girl’s eyes, her fear of Lucas when she thought he would shoot Jeremiah. Struggling to control himself, Lucas took a step back. “You don’t deserve her.”

“Why do you fucking care anyway?”

Why indeed. “Because we’ve ruined enough lives in our time.” Anya’s face flashed through his mind. “I’ll be damned if I let anyone else suffer because of us.”


And a tiny preview of something else I’ve been cooking up while I waited for AHW7 edits. 😉