AHW notes

I’ve been a bit out of the loop the last couple days, family emergency came up suddenly so I’ve been shuffling back and forth for that (everyone’s okay now, thank goodness!). There’s been a lot of confusion with the AHW5 release and I thought I’d post something to clear up some misconceptions I may have accidentally helped perpetrate myself:
– AHW5 was never meant to be the last in the series. I tried to explain that before but apparently did a not-so-great job of it (bad Sara!). Part five wraps up the first “book”, the first <em>plotline</em>, but not the romance or story of Lucy/Jeremiah. The biggest confusion may have come from the publishers blurb which mentions “last and final installment”, a phrase that I’m trying now to get removed because its neither the last nor the final chapter of this story. 
– it’s pretty clear from reviews that readers aren’t interested in reading the story as I write it anymore, sending out the installments when they’re finished. This is fine – people are used to novels, not serialized fiction – but it means for the rest of the series that we’ll have to wait for the entire story to be done before any kind of release. The masses have spoken: for now, no more serials. 
What is the future of this series? It will continue, you can count on that!! A lot of you have expressed disappointment in me and that cuts to the quick; it isn’t something I take lightly, that’s for sure. Don’t let the tough exterior fool you – inside I’m all soft and squishy! I want to do right by you, but I also want to do right by the story. It’s a tough line to walk, and I’m sorry some people’s expectations weren’t met, but the story isn’t over. I’m not able to answer every single reply and message I get (or I’d be more busy writing replies than writing stories) but I do try and listen/read what’s going on. 
So for what it’s worth after the fact, this is me apologizing to any disappointed fans and readers. If I’ve misled you into thinking this was the end, then I’m sorry I didn’t explain myself better. (I’m a writer, you’d think I’d have a decent grasp on how to get my point across right?! 😉 ) The story will continue, albeit in a different form – even if/when I do future serials, they’ll be much longer than those I did in the past (closer to or longer than part 5, less like part 1), but it doesn’t sound like that’s a viable market now without making more people angry. And, despite what you may think, I don’t want that. I love you guys, you are freaking AWESOME, and I really hope you’ll stay with me to see what happens with Lucy and Jeremiah and Lucas and all the other characters floating around in my head