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I am Sara Fawkes. I write books. Some of them are about billionaires. Some have college-aged heroes and heroines trying to figure out their lives. Some are about bikers and the trials of being a modern day outlaw.

I no longer post here because I have created my own website:


I’ve mirrored my posts from the other site through today, but from now longer will not be posting on this WordPress blog. I’ll definitely miss some of the functionality and extras I get from a WP.com blog, but I really enjoy having my own website address. 😉 I very much hope that you all will follow me over there and keep up with my books and future releases. Thank you for being part of my journey up until this point!!! *HUGS*


Snippet Saturday: BREATHE INTO ME – New Adult Romance – Chapter 1

I’ve been a fan of what used to be called “Upper YA/Young Adult” for a very long time. When the New Adult genre first emerged, I was all over that puppy, sucking down everything I could get my hands on. Tamara Webster, Colleen Hoover, Jamie McGuire – I ate those books up like nobody’s business.

As a writer, it was only a matter of time before I wrote one myself, and on this Tuesday that story will be published.

I’m SO EXCITED about this release!! I fell in love with Everett and Lacey almost immediately; I wrote the first quarter of the book in record time, even for me. This is a full novel, not a serial like most of my publications. I can’t wait to share it with you, it’s been such a wild and fantastic ride!

But, I’m sure you didn’t come here to hear me wax poetic on writing. “On with the snippets” I’m sure you’re chanting. 😀 Well, that’s fine by me, how about the full first chapter of BREATHE INTO ME? Continue reading

2014 – a year in review

It seems that every other post consists of me apologizing about not updating my blog enough, so I’m going to skip that and dive right into the meaty part of the post. (But I really am sorry)

I have several projects in the works for this year, and that is SUPER exciting to me. Through winter and into spring, I’m basically releasing a new story every month, and I hope to keep up that pace as well as my muse will allow. 😀 For two years now I’ve been defined by the “Anything He Wants” series, and while yes, there is one more story for Lucy/Jeremiah left (AND Lucas, don’t think I forgot him!), I’m also looking to branch out into new territories. I’ve loved New Adult stories since before I knew what that was, and this April I have my very first coming out. I’m also a biker, and the recent surge in motorcycle club romances makes my inner biker chick wanna dance for joy.

How does 2014 break down in the way of releases? Well, let’s see:
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Not dead yet… ;)

So it’s no surprise that I’ve been a little quiet the last couple weeks. We had the big release with “Unraveled”/AHW10, and then I went quiet on social media and blogs. Well, I’m here to say that rumors of my demise have been greatly exaggerated…

Wait, no such rumors? Really? …dang.

I’m currently in the middle of edits for “Breathe Into Me” and the Avon anthology story, both of which are due very soon. We’ve hit that wonderful snag during edits where things kind of go belly-up, I realize I’m a terrible writer, and just want to stick my head in the sand. Or, in this case, that consists of me pulling out my trusty violin and trying to saw some tunes.

Of course, then strings break, pegs break, I have to take a trip to the luthier (violin doctor) to get things repaired, etc. Yup, first world problems, right? Around winter time, when I’m cooped up inside more often, I tend to get a tiny bit stir crazy – already, I can feel it happening.

On a more serious note, my grandmother was rushed to the hospital a couple nights ago. I found out about it yesterday when my mother texted they were coming down early to take care of my grandparents. Despite all the tests, they don’t know yet what’s wrong with her; high blood pressure (over 200), numbness in her arm, fatigue and, well, age. She’s tough, I know this, but in the last few years she’s grown much more frail than I ever remembered.

So yeah. I have a few things weighing on me, but I wanted to apologize for being so darned quiet. Several of you have reached out via Facebook and Twitter, asking if things are alright. You deserve to be answered individually because, seriously, I adore you guys, but it’s hard for me to focus right now. My brain feels scattered in a million different directions, and once again I’m making no progress forward. :/

It’s depressing and a bit disappointing, but you know what? I’m still so thankful that I can do something I love. Even during weeks like this, when I feel like a failure, I’m so incredibly thankful that I’m able to make a living with this writing stuff. It’s not always smooth sailing (*take a deep breath Sara*) but, man, I wouldn’t have it any other way. 🙂


Ooh, awesome: just got a text from my father saying my grandmother will be released tonight. Still no word on what if anything happened, but she’s out of the hospital!! Another thing to be thankful for this holiday season!!! 😀 😀 😀 😀

"Unraveled" Snippet 7 – Julia Kent's "Complete Abandon"


Julia Kent and I met on an online forum around the same time my “Anything He Wants” series took off. We became friends and, this year at RWA, we met in person for the first time. To say this lady is a spitfire is an understatement: the woman has a wit and a turn of phrase my little introverted self can only dream of! Dinners with her are a constant laugh riot – give her a little alcohol to drink, and it gets even better. 😀

Earlier this year, Julia hit the USA Today list with her New Adult book “Random Acts of Crazy”, bringing menage to a whole new audience. It was last month, however, when Her Billionaires boxed set reached the prestigious New York Times list. Her stories are sensual, incredible, and outright hilarious – the PERFECT combination.

Amazon US | Amazon UK | Barnes and Noble | iTunes | Kobo

And now, a taste of Julia Kent’s “Unraveled” story, “Complete Abandon.”

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"Unraveled" Snippet 6 – Lauren Hawkeye's "Three Little Words"

Last year, at my first RWA conference, by total chance I met this wonderful lady named Lauren. It was totally by accident: we started talking about the merits of self- and traditional-publishing (me self, she traditional) and just…clicked. Come to find out, she was the same Lauren Hawkeye who would be in the Avon FLING anthology with me, and whose roommates I’d sat down with, also out of the blue, and discussed self-publishing. 😀 To say it was a small world was an understatement. Since then however, she’s become one of my closest friends (despite the California/Canada divide) and my mentor in all things publishing. So when she asked me to be part of an anthology/boxed set she was putting together, it was a total no-brainer.

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And now, a snippet from Ms. Hawkeye’s “Three Little Words”:

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